Hebei dongben stone wood maintenance technology Co. Ltd. is the predecessor of the Hebei Gaobeidian city east of stone wood conservation research department, since its inception in 2008, the two founders of Yang Xudong company, Zhao Shuben Morris, over the age of sixty began the arduous road of entrepreneurship in 10 years through repeated experiments of various tens of thousands of times of hard unspeakable since the project to develop two people always adhere to advocate the concept of environmental health.

Each product is made of pure natural non-toxic insects and plant extracts, and the products are submitted to the national building materials inspection center for testing. Does not contain any toxic and harmful substances in the indexes even higher than the national standard, widely used in classical furniture production and maintenance; wood wood coating; ancient building walls, wood, stone, gallery surface repairing and maintenance; Wenwan, stone, jade carving, maintenance. It is a technologically advanced enterprise in the domestic wax products industry at present.

And won a number of national invention patents, in September 2013 in Strasbourg, France, the International Invention Exhibition won the silver medal of international invention.

Today this has gone through ten years, ten years of grinding sword, sword sharpen from front. I firmly believe that in the east of the national advocate of environmental protection under the premise of leading the way forward, we borrow our country policy, the development of environmental protection for the country, tens of thousands of families of healthy life, with the East my strength.

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  • How to use wax annatto furniture maintenance maintenance and how to defend?

    How to use wax annatto furniture maintenance maintenance and how to defend?

    You cruel at that value and appreciation value and preservation in the integration of annatto furniture because of bad maintenance become a makeover?Use demand Below, we specific to understand the use of annatto furniture maintenance wax process under. Here let's brief to introduce annatto furniture maintenance wax curing process, first, we need to do is to point wax, annatto furniture maintenance wax evenly on both points in furniture appearance, the first is to in the back of the brush can be maintained in the process of wax candle even alter in any part of the furniture, make each part can get abundant maintenance.Process 2: The wax on general plane, only needs a shovel head can be smooth, but about some hollow out type may have run out parts of the other, selected wax shovel the demand according to the actual situation.Finally USES pure cotton swab along the lines of furniture, to ensure the strength and speed in the process of scrubbing, so wash back furniture more luster. Now we brief introduction to the use of annatto furniture maintenance wax should pay attention to some of the items, the first demand note is drying of wax must complete penetration into the wood, prevent the formation of unnecessary abuse, together in the whole process, the temperature of the heat gun also demand control is in order, avoid damage to the internal structure of the family property, and in the end, also furniture shall be careful to maintain, away from fire, heat, water, and so on.To distinguish the tips Good wax color is gorgeous, and highly resilient, usually in the melting point of 62-62 degrees Celsius, at the same time, if use nails to push wax, wax on the surface of also won't have the necessary instruments, with teeth to bite into lit chips, non-stick teeth, in addition, wax also has a unique flavor.

    This series of curing stone and wood products, named after Yang Xudong and Zhao Shuben two personal name. In 2008, Olympic stone exhibition, as CNOOC senior engineer Zhao Shuben and deputy commander of the Inner Mongolia military Alashan, Yang Xudong soon hit it off because of stone. Through continuous exchanges and discovery, nearly a century, in the collection of highly valuable stones and mahogany furniture and other fields, green, security, low-cost environmental protection products market is always a blank. They inherited the Ming and Qing Dynasties classical furniture waxing process, draw the world's high-end wax products advantages, after ten years of painstaking research, the series of products by the majority of users, exported to Europe and got approval from the European union.