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Hebei dongben stone wood maintenance technology Co Ltd
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Hebei dongben stone wood maintenance technology Co. Ltd. is the predecessor of the Hebei Gaobeidian city east of stone wood conservation research department, since its inception in 2008, the two founders of Yang Xudong company, Zhao Shuben Morris, over the age of sixty began the arduous road of entrepreneurship in 10 years through repeated experiments of various tens of thousands of times of hard unspeakable since the project to develop two people always adhere to advocate the concept of environmental health.

Each product is made of pure natural non-toxic insects and plant extracts, and the products are submitted to the national building materials inspection center for testing. Does not contain any toxic and harmful substances in the indexes even higher than the national standard, widely used in classical furniture production and maintenance; wood wood coating; ancient building walls, wood, stone, gallery surface repairing and maintenance; Wenwan, stone, jade carving, maintenance. It is a technologically advanced enterprise in the domestic wax products industry at present.

And won a number of national invention patents, in September 2013 in Strasbourg, France, the International Invention Exhibition won the silver medal of international invention.
Today this has gone through ten years, ten years of grinding sword, sword sharpen from front. I firmly believe that in the east of the national advocate of environmental protection under the premise of leading the way forward, we borrow our country policy, the development of environmental protection for the country, tens of thousands of families of healthy life, with the East my strength.

Enterprise culture: enterprise classic quality, leading healthy life idea, build national brand, inherit traditional craft, carry forward traditional culture.

Enterprise mission: to provide quality, health and products for tens of millions of families, and strive for the promotion of environmental protection and green!!!

Enterprise spirit: the Oriental, WanMu source, a heaven-made match