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How to annatto furniture maintain candle?
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Annatto furniture is made by the redwood national standard stipulated in the 33 species of furniture.Because is wooden, which is influenced by water cut and so on, obviously, annatto furniture maintain candle when the moisture content of wood furniture is lower than the outside world, will absorb the moisture in the air, which can make the furniture, burst, the water for a long time, and time will slowly moldy.When the moisture content of wood furniture is higher than the outside world, because of the dry air, absorb the moisture from wooden furniture, in order to achieve the balance of the two kinds of moisture content, it will result in the crack of the wooden furniture.Protection woodiness furniture has a lot of, or isolation, or reduced, often ventilated breathe freely, clear clean.

furniture surface wax spread out evenly.In the process, need to use a heat gun, but in the use of hot air gun, temperature not too high.

Third, is the wax.In the process, temperature, amount of wax to control.In the process of heating, make the wax, wax slowly penetrate into the material of furniture.

The fourth step, that is, the wax.In the process, need to use made of ox horn traditional tools, namely wax wax scraper commonly known as screwdriver.In this step, to float on the surface of the shovel net annatto furniture wax in one go.The uneven places, also can use sand paper to wipe.On the net the wax, surface feel more delicate, fruity.

Step 5 is to brush the wax.Wipe wax, requires a little coarse or pure cotton cloth, along the texture direction to rub the furniture, must be properly in speed.Wipe wax is to remove the furniture surface has no clean shovel wax to, in order to achieve the furniture surface feel is intuitive, wax, to make the surface could not feel sticky.
Step 6, the last step, it is shaking wax.Shake wax, with pig hair brush, is commonly used 7 to 8 cm wide, 12 to 15 cm long and hardness, good black bristle brush.Shake wax, can be any part of the furniture surface to clean.This is the last step, do good, the surface glossiness can be reflected.Remember, after to furniture wax, avoid by all means is very hot, and boiled water.

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