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Annatto furniture wax
Detailed information

Branches with acid, hua limu classical annatto furniture is made of mahogany furniture, annatto furniture maintain candle is for rare hardwood furniture with high quality since the Ming and qing dynasties.In the Chinese traditional classical annatto furniture, the main works, Sue, the east has Beijing, innovative, wide, fairy works, jin and peaceful type furniture.Beijing history is drive makes, queen's "official kiln".And dongyang is known as the best work of the township, wood carving technique is especially outstanding, since 500, dongyang woodcarving is famous in the capital, annatto furniture on the market throughout the country, occupies an important position.Annatto furniture decorate in household in use is more, although expensive, but the annatto furniture unique texture and colour and lustre, still make a lot of the pursuit of high quality of life of people.

Points regional

Annatto furniture maintenance wax is divided into a lot of kinds, common have walnut oil, beeswax, annatto essential oil and so on.But the maintenance of annatto furniture is very exquisite, and different areas of annatto furniture, maintenance method also has the difference.In our country, for example, the climate in the north is dry, dry can cause wooden easy craze, walnut oil is used to maintain so better.And southern moisture is heavy, annatto furniture is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy, if poor maintenance, corrosion will be affected with damp be affected with damp.But you will find that, the use of walnut oil and maintenance, outside of the home easy to mildew, visible walnut oil is not suitable for the southern maintenance of annatto furniture.

Waxed steps

1, some wax: brush with wax wax evenly to the surface of the furniture in turn point

2, cloth, wax, on the basis of some good wax, in the process of uniform heating evenly spread out

3, wax, wax, temperature is smaller, less in the thermal motion of the wax, slowly seep into the material.

4, the wax: purpose is at once will net furniture floating wax on the surface of the shovel, the net up the wax, feel is more exquisite and more on the surface of the furniture round

5, brush wax: pure cotton, the texture of the small cloth along the furniture for rub is brushed, not only stronger but also need a certain speed, wipe wax is completed without feeling sticky.

6, shake wax: use pig hair brush instead of wild bristle, jitter, use the brush to clean up all parts (including the crevice of wax deposit).
Matters needing attention

In the process of operation, the use of heat gun temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, drying of wax to make it completely immerses in the furniture.After the completion of the coating of avoid by all means very hot, water, furniture needs to be carefully protected.

What is a good wax to southern annatto furniture maintenance?Experienced users, said the southern humid air, especially in the spring, especially in the south wind day moisture is very heavy.Annatto furniture maintenance when using wax is more appropriate, but use beeswax and maintenance will be more difficult, if not understand, can ask professional maintenance, or use the imported beeswax, imported wax cleansing is simpler to maintain.

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