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Hebei dongben stone wood maintenance technology Co Ltd
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This brand of environmental protection wax series products since 2008, east of stone and wood conservation since the establishment of the R & D department has been adhering to produce high quality for the majority of classical dictionary user research, economical and practical environmental protection non-toxic wood special wax and hard, as of now launched two wax products (classical furniture, classical furniture wax curing wax) the majority of users. We firmly believe that: East of the national brands will make many agents in general make unremitting efforts to make strong, the more excellent products to the hands of thousands of households.

Together: together; the bead curtain combination means beautiful or talent together like-minded refers to the non ideal uniform.

Now this win-win cooperation, for the community to enlist a development of a person of noble aspirations. Strive for more than "Tomoto": go farther, more people benefit because of us.

For specific cooperation, please call: 18931181589, we look forward to your joining.