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Mahogany furniture wax

Iron surface wax: the product can supplement the wood in the process of missing components, restore the original wood vitality, and with the use of anti DP bottom wax can reach the effect of ancient wax process.

Mahogany furniture wax

Method of use: 1, with soft cloth or sponge evenly, it is in the best state of penetration.

2, dry, let the natural wax, then use a clean soft cloth polishing.

3, for the root and not carved rubbing edges, the slot portion can use bristle brush dipped in a little rub.

Note: 1, the use of a good proportion.

2, cotton cleaning, according to wood texture toward smearing.

Product preservation: 1, preservation temperature is not less than 0 degrees centigrade.

In 2, the children can not take place, beware of eating.

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