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Mahogany furniture wax

DP crack bottom wax, the wax has very good permeability, without heating, can also be a characteristic of rapid isolation layer is formed on the surface of the wood, protect wood moisture content is not lost. Prevent the invasion of moisture from the outside. Control the release of stress and supplement the nutrients lost during processing. The nutrients lost during the processing of wood were also supplemented. Restore the original wood vitality, to maximize the control material swelling caused by cracking, deformation and tenon loose mechanism.

Mahogany furniture wax

Method of use: first clean the surface of furniture, with a sponge or cotton cloth masks (not cotton cloth), soft brush wax evenly, (Forbidden cloth) until the wax slightly dry after first graze again (about 5 minutes), twenty minutes and then use a clean, not easy to lose hair fabric material (waste denim cloth masks off cotton cloth) awesome repeatedly wipe polishing. Which shows a silky luster!

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